Monday, November 29, 2010

I Can't Bear It


I have SO many cool crafts that I would LOVE to post. Alas I cannot because this would spoil all of my Christmas surprises.

In other news, though, Jeff decorated his tree tonight! This tree is currently located at my house. I am technically just borrowing it from him for now. I know you can't tell from the crappy cell phone picture, but other than its general razorback color scheme of red and white, it also has an inordinate amount of bear ornaments. I had been wanting to make ornaments for the tree, but didn't have time to make many with my long queue of Christmas crafts already growing impatient. And decorating a whole tree would be too overwhelming. But now that there are many ornaments, I can add a couple and feel good about it. I want to add more bear ornaments, of course, to stick with Jeff's "special" theme. The man loves bears. They are more practical for tree decoration than a Tom Petty theme, although I DID catch Jeff looking up telecasters on eBay on my laptop earlier tonight... ANYWAY, I am loving the randomness of the bears. Some are made from weird materials. Others have the bears doing strange things. I want to make more that fit either of those categories. Totally open to suggestion if anyone has ideas and would like to challenge me with one.
For example...
A bear orthodontist? Sure!
A bear made out of a soda can? Why not!?
A bear nutcracker? Okay!
A bear scuba diver? Uh huh!
A bear with a banana allergy? Um...
A bear who was raised by a family of geese? Oh... well...
A bear that lights up and spins around while playing "I've Been Workin' On The Railroad"? No.

The heat is broken here. It's 53 degrees in the house. Gonna try to cuddle up with myself and shiver to sleep, dreaming of bears with odd occupations and my favorite boyfriend bear.

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