Tuesday, November 30, 2010

O Christmas Tree

A few days ago I posted about my borrowed Christmas tree. Next year I hope to have a tree of my own (and then Jeff can have his back!) I am already thinking about what kind of tree I want to do.

I'll admit it. I like theme trees. My mom's tree doesn't have a theme per se, unless that theme is GORGEOUS. She has an incredible collection of traditional European style glass blown ornaments. Each one is stunning, but when you put them all together on one tree... yeah, it's pretty much the prettiest tree ever. To add garlands and whatnots - really anything other than lights - would cheapen the look. I have always loved her tree. But her tree comes from years and years of collecting the ornaments. Her mother purchased a lot of them, I know, plus when Grandma relocated her Christmas party to Heaven (because you KNOW that exactly how she would want to spend eternity, celebrating Christmas with the birthday boy Himself), Mom did inherit some of her ornaments too. ANYWAY, this is Mom's thing. I want to start creating MY tree. And not go bankrupt.

Initially I considered a woodland theme. I read a heckuva lot of craft blogs. I am big into natural fibers and organic colors this year. I am using wood grain contact paper in some of my gift wrapping for instance. I love woodland creatures like gnomes and squirrels and birds. Felt is my favorite craft supply. I could make little ornaments like these:

But is that really ME?

The answer is no.

Then I saw this tree:It has antlers and old lanterns and book garlands and all sorts of things that don't necessarily belong on a tree. They call it "junky," but in actuality it reminds me of my favorite art movement - Fluxus. With my massive quantity of trips to the thrift store, in the next year, I SHOULD be able to collect a variety of awesome items to put on my 2011 Christmas tree. So here is the plan: I will purchase ONE plastic tub. (I can allow myself one tub for decorations, for crying out loud.) Throughout the year, I will be on the lookout for strange and random things. Some will be hung on the tree as is, while others can go inside of those clear glass ornaments, which I plan to buy on sale post-Christmas, like a mini terrarium.
When I buy each item, into the tub they will go. And so next year I will be prepared to create a truly unique tree.

I am pumped.

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