Friday, December 10, 2010

Fake Christmas Shopping

Finishing your presents early is probably the smarter thing to do. HOWEVER, it also comes with two major downsides: 1) You become incapable of waiting to give the gift until Christmas 2) You find so many other cool things for those people between now and Christmas.

Today I present to you a fake shopping trip. As for me, I'm pretty much done with everybody, so no one will be getting these gifts. But if I had the money... then yes they would.

For Bethany:
Electronic Bubble Wrap! Great stress relief. And super classy.

For Brad:
A stainless steel Sharpie! I always borrow his Sharpies. And this one is just cooler.

For Dad: Perfectly Engineered Skipping Stones! He's the best skipper I know and with these he would be unstoppable!

And for me...

I wish these shirts weren't so expensive. They are so cool. True classic nerd wear. Book nerd at least.

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