Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Too Late Christmas List

I opted not to make a Christmas list this year. But now that it is almost here, I am wishing I had. HOWEVER, I DID receive a Target gift card, so I am already perusing the website for those things I need/want. Here are ten things that SHOULD have been on my list.

1) A coat (with a hood)

2) A wallet (as opposed to just keeping my ID, debit, and credit cards floating in my purse)

3) A pair of black flats (that don't smell like my feet yet)

4) Spare bedding (to encourage me to wash it more often)

5) Storage for craft supplies (to rescue the floor of my craft closet)

6) A lamp (because my living room has no overhead lighting)

7) Luggage (because the stupid thieves used mine to steal our stuff)

8) Flip flops (since the ones I have are five years old)

9) A toaster oven (so I don't keep burning my polymer creations in the big oven)

10) Books (because it's been too long since I met a new paperback friend)

Not totally sold on any of these, and who knows- I might actually have one of these needs fulfilled without needing to spend my precious gift card. And of course I don't have enough to buy ALL of these. But it's good to have options!

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