Sunday, January 2, 2011

Crafty Resolutions

I should really be sleeping, but alas here I am, thinking about crafts. My REAL New Year's resolution was to become more organized (with both my stuff and my finances.) And part of this organizational revolution involved the purchase of a table on which to place my sewing machine...(Yay for no longer putting the TV corner unit on double duty!) AND a shelving unit for organizing my supplies. (Shelves not pictured... yet. I will take a picture once I am done putting my stuff onto it.) I am blessed with a bonus closet in my room where I had previously stored my craft stuff in a giant mess on the floor. Some of it had gradually made its way out into the living room, but that turned into a frightening mess also. Countless pins were stepped on, and many a judging look was cast (rightfully so) by my housemates. But no more! My small area formerly known as the "music nook" has now been transformed into the "craft corner." My instruments have moved to the closet. Having brought a few bonus craft items from Wisconsin over the holidays- on top of a renewed excitement about the new setup, has gotten me pumped. That, and I was watching season 2 of Pushing Daisies on Jeff's Netflix and the artsy look got me going. (I might also add that I also rearranged the living room, all of this with a great deal of help from my favorite mister.) Anyway, all of this leads me to make crafty resolutions. I shall make five, not because I already have five in my head (I am making this up as I write, by the way), but because five is (and always has been) my favorite number.

This year I would like to:

1) List at least five (tee hee) items on Etsy.
2) Participate in another craft swap. (Can't wait for my garlands!)
3) Do the research to determine what I can do to make mom's kiln work again so I can try to do copper enameling and follow in her footsteps.
4) Try my hand at a diorama of sorts. I love miniatures. I especially like the tiny terrariums with itty bitty figurines in them. Never tried it.
5) Since Little Rock isn't exactly a craft mecca, I would like to road trip to at least one craft fair in another city.

Happy 2011!

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