Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Craftback: Day Four (Mosaics)

At work we've just started to do mosaics. I used the mosaic look when I decoupaged the plastic drawer units where we store smaller bisque items.
We sell traditional mosaic stuff. Precut pieces in a variety of colors. I've always been more of a "make-your-own-mess" sort of gal. The tesserae (that's the official term) I use are either broken dishes or tiles.

I made this earth (along with some peace tomato pots which are not pictured) out of dishes. I have no idea what I did with it. But I do remember that it weighed a ton.

I made this out of tiles. (It's a great project for updating a thrift store table, especially ones that have insets where the glass was broken.) It was a gift for some good friends.

My favorite mosaic project ever was actually done out of construction paper. I did this while watching the entire Rambo series. I got the idea from a picture on the cover of the pad of construction paper. I love love love the final product. Last I heard my sister had "borrowed" it. Super fun project to do.

I made this little guy this summer. We ran out of glass pieces so I just painted the top and wrote my little haiku to connect the mirror and the penguin imagery. It's very me.

Tomorrow... PUPPETS!!!

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