Sunday, January 23, 2011

Craftback: Day One (Softies)

I have been crafting for as long as I can remember, but as I have mentioned, I haven't been good about documenting it. This week I am going to feature some of my old projects. While my techniques have gotten better, I am still pretty proud of what I've made.

Today's theme? Softies!

First up - the most recent of the bunch. This gnome is just for me. Classic kitsch. Makes a great lower back pillow on my chair too when he lays down for a nap.

These used to be some ugly socks. I think it was a gift for the daughter of one of my co-workers. It features one of the little sock button flowers I like to make.

This reminds me of a creature from the movie "Return to Oz." There is some sort of antlered head that ends up being attached to a couch and brought back to life. Poor thing has a head but nobody.

Foot ball. 'Nuff said.

More of those flowers. Slightly less ugly socks were used. Clearly I was big into sock monsters for a while. I like the ric rac stems.

Socktopus! No idea why my toes are in the shot.

Matching father and son monsters, inspired by spiders and rubber duckies.

Less of a softie creature and more of a novelty pillow for a movie buff friend. Side note: I did also make the t-shirt blanket on which the pillow rests.

Jeff (the boyfriend) loves Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers AND bears. We'd only been dating for about two weeks when the first Valentine's Day arrived, and this is one of the things I made for him! He's bigger than he looks in this picture. His heart is broken. (Obviously.)

Coffee cup. For a coffee drinkin' buddy.

Frank 'n' Stein. For a friend that loved "Young Frankenstein." Made the beer out of a dollar store hat. I really like the yellow swirly button that I used for the mustard mouth on the hot dog.

Owl!!! With ribbon feet. His belly came from one of my mom's socks.

My students went nutso over this one. Sockoli.

And finally - my mousecycle. Weird, yes. But he made me happy. It's a bicycle that is made out of softie wheels, with a mouse for the handlebars and a chunk of cheese for the seat. I mounted it onto a mousetrap. I like it a lot.

Stayed tuned for the bonus celebrity softie edition!!!


  1. These are soooo fun! I love each and every one of them!

  2. Thanks! Socks, felt, and fleece are a crafter's best friends!

  3. Omg, these are darling!! I love them all, but the panda and octopus are just killing me! ^_^