Thursday, January 27, 2011

Craftback: Day Five (Puppets)

As much as I love softies, creatures that can actually move and "talk" are even cooler. Puppets can get expensive so I don't make tons of them. But here are a sampling of some from my repertoire.

Here is the sheep whose leftover wool turned into the lining of my hat. It was for my dad. The sheep reminds me of the "Dance Myself to Sleep" sheep on Sesame Street.

I made an abominable snowman puppet... well almost. I don't think I ever finished it. But it did have a working mouth, and arms. And made a funny mask too, apparently!

Not particularly proud of this one, but it's okay to post fails too. My first attempt at a marionette, this was intended to be a goth version of myself. I'll admit that I put more time and thought into her hair and outfit than in sculpting her face. All of the stringy apparatus stuff worked though!

This is my most recent creation. I made it for my dad (again) for Christmas. She was my first official Muppet-style puppet. I learned from watching my friend Dave make them. Watching is so much easier than doing it yourself! I did learn some major lessons with this one and my next one (whenever I find the need to make another) will be much better. Also - please note that I had to use a Trump wig for the poor girl. You use what you've got, right?

Hot dog puppet! Obviously the mouth doesn't move, but you can gesture with the cutlery. Fun stuff! It is hard to see but I sewed on little black beads to make the ants on the tablecloth.

Rooster. I named him Chester.

First puppet I made in my puppetry class. We had to do a basic sock puppet. I did a play on crocodile tears in combination with the story of Captain Hook. (Thus the tears and pirate stuff.) I hand sewed the ridges on his back for effect.

My sister Cana speaks Chinese. I made this dude in her honor.

This is my version of Mother Goose, made for a production at the theatre where I worked in Texas. I made her out of an inside out hoodie. I used a sleeve for her head, and the hood pieces were reattached as her wings. I can take credit for this idea. No tutorial, just inspiration at the thrift store. I was able to find the eyes and glasses on stuffed animals and repurposed them, and scored that great apron to complete the look, on top of the feathers, of course.

Tomorrow's theme is accessories. Prepare yourself.

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  1. Ajashjaksahgs!!! That marionette is AMAZING!!! You're so creative & talented! I can't even begin to imagine how to make a working marionette, much less attempt to do it! O_O