Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Craftback: Day Three (Fabric and Fashion)

It's Fabric and Fashion Time!

I love textiles. I usually end up using inherited stacks of fabric, strange thrift store finds, or old clothing for my projects. With each new project, I learn a bit more about drape, texture, bias, patterns, etc.

Sometimes I experiment with new techniques. I tie dyed this fabric to make curtains for my sister. (The final product had button tabs on top.)

Recently I made this combo. I have had this sheep flannel for AGES. I finally decided to make some pajama pants. I had leftover fabric and was eyeballing some sheepish leftovers (you'll see the project in which that was originally used on Thursday) and decided to make matching bomber hat. I used the Threadbanger tutorial. I would like to make more hats in the future. I would love to make a newsboy cap. Ahhh another day...

I love dresses AND altering them to make them cuter. This used to have a collar and sleeves, and I also moved the waist up. I added some different colored buttons, which was my favorite touch. I have turned multiple dresses into sleeveless ones since then. It's so easy to just cut off the top and add elastic.

A handmade skirt... before I used patterns. Scary.

My first ever pair of pajama pants. I was very impressed with myself.

I made this out of a bedsheet. I didn't understand which fabrics were best suited for each project at this point in time. I am still learning. Plus, free fabric is still free fabric. And it had pockets!

Another Threadbanger tutorial... this one is made out of old t-shirts.

I mentioned my love for cutting off the tops of dresses. Well I love cutting off the bottoms to make shirts too! Here are three examples of dresses that used to be floor length and look much cooler now.

I figured I could put our Halloween costumes in here considering that I made both of our outfits from scratch. I was Mokey Fraggle and Jeff wanted to be "something topical" and therefore chose to be Neosporin. I must add that Jeff did help to make his costume.

These are a pair of Thai fishermen's pants. This tutorial is so easy! I made them for my friend Jen. She posted that she needed bigger sweatpants (she's preggers) and that she loved the fabric of Anna Maria Horner. So I killed two birds with one stone and made her a pair of adjustable pants out of lovely fabric.

I just remembered that I bought extra fabric from Anna Maria Horner so I could make something for myself. Hmmm.... what to make?

Tomorrow's craftback will be a short one, but there's still lots more to come. I promise.


  1. Love the hat and the shortened dresses! ^_^

  2. Wait a darn minute! Did you wear my pants before you gave them to me?! I can't say that I blame you--AMH is magic.

  3. Elis - thanks! SO easy!

    Jen - I DID have to wear them for the photo BUT in all fairness I did wear them OVER another pair of pants. ;-)

  4. Your alterations are so great...I really really want to learn to sew.