Monday, January 24, 2011

Craftback: Day Two (Paints and Paper)

As I prepare to make this year's Valentines, I find myself looking back on other paper craft I've made. Today's theme revolves around Paper (and Paint, since often these two go hand in hand.)

First up are a few cards I've given Jeff for various occasions. These first two were decoupaged.

This one was drawn and then laminated. For my birthday, Jeff and I went to the Kite Festival in Eureka Springs at the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. (If you go to their site, listen to their theme song as found on the top right corner. It is RIDICULOUS.) While we were there, we had the privilege of meeting a very VERY obese tiger. His name was Jazzy. This is my drawing of him.
Next up are a few items I painted at The Painted Pig Pottery Studio (where I currently work.) I painted measuring cups for Alana, a hog bank for Travis, and light switch plates for Jeff's mom. Not pictured is the man plate I painted for his dad. It had separate sections for cornbread, greens, meat, okra, and sorghum molasses. It ruled!

Looking for a great, easy gift idea? Buy a nightlight at the Dollar Store and customize it. I have painted two of these now, both of them for guys. Don't let them fool you into thinking they aren't afraid of the dark. Or if nothing else, they probably keep a messy room and shouldn't have to risk their lives when going on a middle of the night bathroom run. The first one has the Tom Petty logo. The second one has a blue canary. (Inspired by They Might Be Giants.)

Of course sometimes I paint regular things like canvases. These hung in my room when I lived in a garage in Texas.

This cow collection (drawn in chalk on butcher paper) hung in my room when I lived in the East Village in Manhattan.

And, just for fun, here's a paper craft I 100% invented. I took red berries and put them inside of pineapple shells. I used the spiky leaves from the pineapple to really add to the razorback look of my hog. The nose and eyes are just card stock. This was for an Arkansas Razorback Watch Party last Fall.

Tomorrow I'll be featuring fabric and fashion. Be excited!

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  1. I love that bear, and the painted measuring cups is an awesome idea!
    Incidentally, I love Arkansas! We always stay in Little Rock whenever we drive to Texas, and everyone there is just so friendly. Plus, it has Waffle House! :D