Saturday, January 29, 2011

Craftback: Day Seven (Miscellaneous)

Well, friends, the end has come. It is the last day of the craftback. I've enjoyed the daily blog and will hopefully come up with other things to post that will be equally interesting. But for now, back to the crafts!

I crocheted a rug out of plastic bags (plarn). It is suprisingly soft! It was hard to find bright colors, but I still like the final product a lot.

I made this wreath out of a hanger, some paper towels that I dyed with food coloring, and a little hot glue. Rad, right? It's all thanks to this tutorial via Dollar Store Crafts.
I found a vintage hair dryer, took it apart, hot glued a thrifted glass vase behind it (totally hidden of course) and gave it to my beautiful sister, who is a stylist and works for L'Oreal as a coloring consultant. Made a totally one of a kind vase.

My other sister asked for a scarf hanger for her pashminas. I cut out circles of foam core and hot glued strips of fabric around them. (I am starting to think I should have named this post "Hot Glue" instead of miscellaneous.)

Narwhallet. Get it?

My dad was proud to get this novelty item for his desk. Great conversation piece. Super easy.
The rest of the things I am posting had to wait until today because they are being given as gifts today!

This is part of Jeff's anniversary present. I made him a duvet for his bed with a cutout of a telecaster (his dream guitar) in charcoal fleece over the black damask. I just threw it on my bed for the picture; it will look much better in his room. I also bought black faux leather contact paper and cut out that same guitar silhouette to put on the walls around the room. (These are obviously not pictured.) It ended up being a lot of work, but I hope he likes his mini-room makeover.

Jen is having an owl themed baby shower at the local library today. I followed this tutorial in order to make her a bunch of bibs. These photographed TERRIBLY. Stupid shiny vinyl. But they are all clear with cool bits and baubles inside.

The pink one has tulle and felt scraps. The blue one has giant faux gemstones.

These both have bits of matching lace and random buttons inside of them.

These ones have glitter inside of them. The silver one is the one that broke my sewing machine. *shakes fist* Thanks to my mom, I am now using her old one, so all is well again.

I was also asked to make little fabric owls for decorations. Here they are! No tutorial. Just messing around with what I had.

Found out we needed a few extra owls, so I made these paper ones that I found here (via) in a variety of colors. Only took me the length of a movie to cut out and glue all five. They are adorable.

And, of course, I HAD to wrap my gift to look like an owl. I used a brown paper grocery bag, an Anthropologie catalog for the wings, and some orphaned earrings for the eyes and beak.

Like I said, I will miss you, Craftbacks. Looks like I will just have to make more stuff and post about it!!

-my glue gun
-my sewing machine
-all thrift stores
-the craft night gals
-the gift recipients who inspired the projects
-the bloggers who posted the tutorials
-everybody who read my posts! thanks for caring!


  1. Narwhallet! XD
    You are a super-crafter! Those wee owls are so sweet. ^_^

  2. I LOVE my hairdryer bud vase! it currently has a dried rose in it that jack gave me for new years. :)