Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Starring.... ME!!!

The highlight of my day (as far as the internet goes) was getting a shout out on the blog of someone I've never met! I love Courtney's blog and admire every one of her updates. My blog doesn't even begin to attempt that kind of a status, so getting mentioned makes me feel fancy, like a celeb nodding a greeting at you. That was nice. She was referring to the garland I'd made for her. I don't usually post my crafty adventures up here, but today I thought it was worth celebrating. I also made a bunch of other cool ones, but unless I send a photo on my phone to Jessica, who lovingly posts them on Facebook later, my crafted gifts usually go undocumented. Sigh...

Back to stitching...


  1. Hi! I found out about your blog through Charity, and just started following. :) I did the garland swap too (I made the paper cranes), and thought you might want to know that I made a post about everyone's garlands today:
    Cheers! ^_^

  2. Hey you. Read this.
    I WILL continue putting pictures of you on Facebook!!!