Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Wall

I rearranged my room and now I have a very blank wall. I am considering what to do with it. This aesthetic appeals to me:

I also love stuff in the wall decal category, especially with my new obsession with contact paper. This one is super cool:

I like tactile stuff too. Think this:

Well, more important than the wall would be the gifts I have on my docket. They have actual due dates.
Jan 29 - Jen's shower
Jan 30 - 1st anniversary with Jeff
Feb 14 - Valentine's Day (Jeff again)
Feb 15 - Iggy Pop's birthday (aka Dad)
Feb 18 - Beef's birthday (aka Bethany)

I only know what I am making for some of them, but this blog has ears, and I cannot divulge those ideas at this point in time.

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