Monday, January 10, 2011

The Write Resolutions To Make

One thing I love about crafts is that you can take on a bunch of little projects. That means I can bring MANY ideas to fruition. I have been struggling to find a niche for myself within the etsy world because most sellers do one thing and do it well. I am more of a jack of all trades, master of none.

The same goes for my writing. With the exclusion of my novels, I usually write short little poems or stories. The brainstorming part is my favorite. I am really not that great with finishing out these ideas. So tiny projects are the way to go.

Just like I had my crafting goals, I also am setting writing goals.

1) Write a children's book (a story or collection of poems).

2) Check out THIS BOOK from the library in order to research how to submit children's books to publishers.

3) Submit goal #1 to at least three book publishers.

4) Explore the children's magazine market.

Also, I have already researched nine different companies that accept submissions for greeting card ideas. So...

5) Submit a packet of greeting card ideas to at least 5 of those 9 companies.

TA DA! Five more goals!

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