Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Boomerang Effect

I had already decided that today's focus would be on doing things for other people. No pity parties allowed. Spent the morning acquiring supplies for making Christmas presents and stealing Jeff's bike to take to the bike doctor. I was totally feeling good and NOT thinking about myself (like I have been WAY TOO MUCH.) And whaddya know - I had TWO things in the mail today! An unexpected card from a friend with some encouraging words, and a bunch of camp pictures from the amazing Natalie!!! Here - have a look!

(It was Halloween at camp. The Chiquita Banana outfit only lasted till lunch. I was dying! I turned into a strawberry for the second half of the day.)

Um.... best crew EVER on the set of Annie, I mean, ANDY. :-)

*Text of the article is as follows:
World renowned ukulele artist Faith Laska will be holding a concert this Tuesday night at Madison Square Garden. The opening act will be an eye popping spectacle by Jeffrey Soffer & The Space Rockers. Their hits include "Love Hurts When it Pokes You in the Eye" and "She Tap Danced Across My Soul." Ms. Laska will be performing many of her chart-topping songs including, "Everybody Poops," and "Is That a Booger in Your Nose or Are You Just Happy to See Me?", as well as some music from her latest album. The lovely and vibrant Ms. Laska will be accompanied by her band, The Rowdy Beavers, featuring her personal man-candy, Jeff White, on the accordion. This show is sure to be a seat wetting good time!

* * * * *

And as the proverb Sarah's card quoted reminds us, "THE WORLD IS FULL OF CACTUS BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO SIT ON IT."

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