Friday, September 24, 2010

Fingerpainting Is Art, Too

Forget crafts for a moment. Today we're all about art.

Feeling miserable? This might have something to do with it. via Keri Smith

Have you seen this? I haven't heard of Tilt-Shift Photography before now, but I am definitely a fan. Would love to see more classic art pieces photographed like this.

I am totally entranced by the Sketchbook Project. They send you a blank moleskin, you fill it in accordance to a theme (either you pick one from a list of things like "the greatest story ever told" or "capture the flag" or "science project gone wrong," or they randomly assign you something), then mail it back to them. Then the sketchbooks tour as a part of an art show. Too bad it costs $25 to make the art just to have to return it. Guess that puts me back to being a miserable, starving artist again.

They never say "starving crafter." I should stick to them then. ;-)

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