Friday, September 3, 2010

House and Home

Today's been a bit more productive. Other than hanging up the last of my laundry (the oh so dreaded task), my place really looks like home. I still want to go to ikea for something like this:

or something like this:

Oh, and maybe a lamp.
And of course I am always open to something like this:

(as seen on Apartment Therapy)
But as far as home goods are concerned, I'm pretty set. I need art in my room too, but I want to take my time with that and probably make some originals for in there.

As we speak, I have some sweaters felting (I hope) in the washing machine. This is a new thing for me. Might as well give it a shot! As my facebook status mentioned, I'm already working on Christmas presents because
1) I love Christmas.
2) I love making things with a purpose in mind.
3) I currently lack purpose otherwise and have nothing but time and space right now.
4) I will use any excuse possible to craft. Who am I kidding?

I will have to resist posting some of the cool projects I find and plan to make so as to not spoil anyone's Christmas surprise. What a shame that would be! I will definitely report back as to how the felting goes, and will even include a how-to... but ONLY after I know if my process works.

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