Monday, September 13, 2010

Poetry Found in Translation

Via a Google Images search, I ended up at this site. Not a big deal. That is, until I used the automatic translator in my Google Chrome browser to translate it from Japanese to English. Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the resulting translation:

Even coffee is too severe blistering heat.

In particular, stand on top of the forest...

I realize I forgot and did many things.

Spirit like "acorn" three.
Another case of "acorn" in it and say, what you want? "

Acorn knitting "is." 

Tiger Tiger Leopard?

People may understand, but understandable,,,

People willing to look past, touch and had a photo shoot.
In particular, was popular with foreigners - we left.
And everything, it was echoing.

Great big one, "Glass" is.

Feel the art is a piece of thick glass.

Initially, the story and the auction. . .
I feel only.

Next up, the Looking Through You. . .
Never learn that.

So palms
I tried to be covered with kites.

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