Thursday, September 30, 2010

Falling For Fall TV

Now it's time for your favorite unemployed friend to give you a report on the return of her favorite fall comedies because - let's face it - I don't watch TV dramas. (LOST being the only exception, of course..)

NOTE: I put an asterisk next to the ones that I have only seen the season premiere - the rest I have seen the first two episodes. Some of them it's because they have only aired one episode, and others will not live for me to see them air another show.

What I liked:
- The opener (obviously.)
- Remembering what "nepotism" means.
- Pam and Jim, back to their old pranking tricks.
- The spanking.
- Repeatedly reenacting the spanking.
- This felt like an episode from a few seasons ago.
What I didn't like:
- Andy got dumped?! If it weren't for Jeff (and if he wasn't a fictional character), I'd be all over that.
- More Andy Bernard please! Seriously, I love him.
Prediction for the Season:
- I know they are bracing themselves for Steve's departure. I worry about them doing weird stuff. But overall I trust these writers to keep it fresh, and am willing to forgive a weak episode or two every now and again.

What I liked:
- How many of my facebook friends included forms of its name in their status updates.
What I didn't like:
- The characters. The premise.
- I don't remember why I ever liked this show.
Prediction for the Season:
- I don't care. My love for them peaked at the musical episode, and now I am done watching.

What I liked:
- Sheldon's girlfriend and her nerd puns
What I didn't like:
- Not memorable
- The love is gone -- why is Penny still needed?
Prediction for the Season:
- Get rid of Penny or cancel the show. Those are your options. I've said my peace.

What I liked:
- Episode 1
What I didn't like:
- Episode 2
Prediction for the Season:
- I don't know what to say. I am ready to meet "their mother." It's season 6 and the tease is getting annoying. I don't think he meets her at Barney's wedding, by the way. Too churchy. Speaking of him - keep Barney as a side character. He's brilliant that way. When he's featured, however, you get crappy stuff like episode 2. (The suits episode from last year is an exception.)

What I liked:
- Great overall pace and dang good timing of each little bit.
- Same fabulous characters plus a lineup of awesome guest stars.
- Doesn't matter if you miss an episode; it still makes sense.
- Excellent writing. Period.
What I didn't like:
- Not all of my friends and family are watching this great show yet!
Prediction for the Season:
- Will continue to be my favorite show currently on television. Can't wait for more.

What I liked:
- Not a comedy, but if you've seen the watermelon clip, you understand why I feel like I can put this here.
- Travel channel + ADHD.
- Finding out what people are like under pressure.
What I didn't like:
- People under stress can be mean to each other. That is uncomfortable to watch.
Prediction for the Season:

What I liked:
-Great music.
- Strong vocals.
- They are really stepping it up with the dancing, too.
What I didn't like:
- I only like the music parts, folks. The writing is TERRIBLE. The way they try to "weave" the songs into the story... not so clever. Having a Britney Spears fantasy music video sequence every time you go to the dentist? Are you KIDDING me?!
Prediction for the Season:
-The things I like about the show (the music and choreography) are gonna get better, and the things I hate (everything else) is going to get worse. But the theatre geek in me will keep me watching.


Special "NEW SHOWS" Feature!!!!!!!!!

What I liked:
- At one point William Shatner put on an Ella Fitzgerald record.
What I didn't like:
- I had to try to watch it twice before I could get through it.
- It's nothing like the "tweets."
- The main character isn't even a hottie.
- The show is supposed to be about a jerk father who says funny stuff. This was just sad.
Prediction for the Season:
- Done watching. Having a laugh track doesn't make a show funny.

What I liked:
-'s commercial before the show started was Bobby Flay making a recipe. HA!
- You know, I honestly didn't mind the fat jokes.
- I will watch Swoosie Kurtz in just about anything.
- Mike is really really sweet to Molly. And she's a fun fourth grade teacher. I'm a sucker.
What I didn't like:
- The stoned, idiot sister.
- Well, when a character ends the second episode with "I'm gonna marry that girl" you sort of know where it's going. But they are funny enough to maintain our attention... that is, if the fat jokes don't get too old.
Prediction for the Season:
- I wanted to watch the second show after watching the pilot. This one might actually have the most staying power as far as premises are concerned. We will see. I'll keep watching for a while.

What I liked:
-The lighting was kind of nice.
-When it was over.
What I didn't like:
-Everything, but especially when they made fun of cheeseheads!!!
Prediction for the Season:
-This is why networks have a whole arsenal of new shows set to start up midseason. Parks and Recreation will get its spot back soon.

What I liked:
- Kate Miccuci played a ukelele playing daycare worker!
- Quirky family dynamics
What I didn't like:
- Horrible parenting isn't funny. It's sad.
- Lower class humor written by upper class people doesn't work.
Prediction for the Season:
- I will keep watching for more songs by Kate. That is all. Poor thing, though, being so typecast. If this show were real, they would have killed the baby by now or have been arrested at least.

What I liked:
- The cast -- two Arrested Development alums, Keri Russell, and a cute kid that plays the role of narrator.
- Unless you count Phoebe from Friends, this is one of the first real "Go Green" characters we've seen in a featured role on a sitcom.
- EPIC treehouse is part of the setting. You know how much I love a good treehouse.
What I didn't like:
- Will Arnett playing a rich jerk? Um... haven't I seen this before and better executed?
- LIKABLE characters. Try some sometime, writers.
- Seeing actors I love in such a crappy show.
Prediction for the Season:
- Will probably keep watching, though I'm not sure why.
- When this show gets cancelled, it will result in FAR less of an outcry than Arrested Development.

(okay, so it's not a comedy, but it was late at night and I was bored, so I watched it)
What I liked:
- I'm not exactly an expert on polygamy (shocker, I know) -- it sure is interesting to see the way it all works. They have a way of making it work. And they really believe in it.
- It feels like a documentary, like I'm learning something.
What I didn't like:
- Makes me sad for them. Some of them seem to like the lifestyle, but others seem like they are doing it because they were raised that way.
Prediction for the Season:
- Shows stick around on cable. This one will last at least one season. Apparently he's taking a fourth wife. I am trying to understand it. They seem to do it more for the way of life than for the sake of religion. It's like they picked a religion that will let them do it. Weird. But hey, I watched it. I'm weird, too.

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